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    The first ever SSC Wish Ride!

    So here's how it happened: 

    Terry mentioned that we should go ride Hwy One before it reopens and it became the perfect opportunity to launch the SSC Wish Ride program. What is an SSC Wish Ride? Very simply any ride that an SSC member wished they could do! It doesn't have to be grand, or crazy... maybe you just wish you could go for a big group ride that didn't blow people's socks off, or you wish you want to grant a wish to your friend for their birthday.  How about a super chill Friday Night Lights Ride? Big or small, SSC wants to make it happen! So Terry... this is your wish, and SSC is going to make it happen.

    I asked Terry how he imagine this ride would go and he put together this suggested schedule:

    8:30am – Arrive at Shamel Park

    9:00am – Rolling out

    Mile 34 - Stop at Gorda General Store to grab something to drink

    Maybe stopping at various lookout points for pics and video pending the views they offer.

    Mile 54 - Stop again at Gorda General Store to grab whatever else I might want or grab

    something at Whale Watchers Café (depending on how I feel)

    2-3:00pm – Back at Shamel Park - change clothes

    3:30pm – head over to Main Street Grill to eat

    4:30pm – grab some Olallieberry pie at Linns Restaurant

    Home by 7:30

    Terry also said he would probably get a hotel the night before and eat out Friday night. And SSC is assuming others will want to do the same. It is expected that participants will communicate about finding shared housing or their own hotel or whatever.  I think it helps if we share our plans in the comment section of the Strava event posted in the SSC Strava group.

    About the ride itself, there will likely be different paced groups, and since this is Terry's dream ride, and since Terry is a strong rider, we will likely break up into sub groups along the way.  Consider this ride a self supported ride.  SSC may provide a SAG vehicle if a volunteer can be found. The SSC Wish idea is not intended to make money but wants to make fun rides fun!

    Contact Bryan Patterson, Vice President if you have questions, ideas, or just want to chat! 

    • 6 Apr 2024
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Woodlake, CA
    • 180

    Southern Sierra Cyclists Century 2024

    Woodlake City Park

    8 AM Saturday, April 6th, 2024


    The planning committee for the SSC Century is hard at work preparing so that you can have the best riding experience possible on the April 6 ride.

    Starting in Woodlake, these routes are an opportunity to explore the local area's scenic beauty. Plus, we should have picturesque wildflower blooms to enjoy as we climb and descent highway 245. Whether you're a be-spandexed roadie looking for an intense day of climbing or you prefer a more leisurely ride, there's a route for you.

    Please select from the four options below, which have been tailored to various skill levels, and we'll see you in April!

    Family Foothill

    A flat 20 mile ride with scenic views of blossoming orchards surrounding Woodlake.

    40 Mile & Metric

    The 40 and 70 mile rides have a section of 245 to climb after completing the flat loop. Highway 245 is our local gem. Moderate grades for easier climbing, very little traffic, and wide lanes also allow for extremely fun and safe descending. The wildflowers should be blooming to further add to the visual charm.


    Our challenging century route heads further up Highway 245 before continuing on a loop to add some challenging climbing before descending down 245.  

    Strava Routes

    20 Mile

    40 Mile



    * All participants who register by March 17th will receive an event tee-shirt in their size. After that they'll be available while supplies last but we can't guarantee sizing or availability.

    * If you aren't a member yet, consider joining today! You'll receive a discounted rate on our 2024 century, and a variety of benefits all year long. Read more on our Membership page.

    * If you're a member but unable to access the SSC Member options, make sure you're signed in.

    • 27 May 2024
    • 10:00 AM

    Memorial Day Ride Announcement

    We will be riding on Monday, Memorial Day, at 10 am, from the Memorial at the Convention Center in Visalia to Exeter to see the murals there, then to Tulare to visit the war birds. There is a society that is dedicated to the maintenance of the park and planes who will be having some hot dogs when we get there at roughly 12:30. After taking pictures we will head back to Visalia.

    For those who feel like giving, there will be a donation box at the War Bird Memorial.

    Come enjoy the ride with your fellow cyclists!

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