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Why join SSC?

Joining Southern Sierra Cyclists can help you enjoy riding; help you gain knowledge and confidence; connect you with other like-minded cyclists; gain a voice when you and cycling need one; and mostly, help you find more cycling rides! Cyclists that participate in this group promote each other and work together, your own bike riding can grow and prosper quickly. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should join Southern Sierra Cyclists.

Gain a voice in government

SSC is an active advocate for cycling in our communities, counties and state.

Increase your visibility in the community

As a member of SSC, you may be listed in the club roster, e-newsletter, on Facebook and can have the opportunity to be highlighted in other club events. Your membership listed on your profile tells friends and associates you are interested in healthy activity.

Learning about cycling through clinics and contacts

Everyone remembers what it was like when they first started cycling. Everything from how to fix a flat to which group set should I use in my next adventure becomes a question. Learning how to ride and where to ride and how to be safe and confident all happen when you connect with other riders or attend a cycling clinic.

Access to all styles of riding

SSC club members are avid in nearly every style of riding including road, gravel, mountain as well as TT/Tri, racing, ultra-endurance, gran fondos, centuries and many themed rides.

Travel and adventure

SSC club members often venture out together to participate in cycling events all over.  Or they plan their own adventures.  Getting away for a fun and adventurous trip with cycling creates lasting friendships and memories

SSC events and programs

SSC hosts many rides all year long as well as cycling events from club parties to kids bicycle rodeos.

Find fellow cycling friends

SSC’s fundamental mission is to generate more cycling activity for the community. The club initiates more riding with other rider opportunities and more opportunities for networking and connecting local enthusiasts like yourself.

Access to members-only discounts and services

SSC members are entitled to 10% discount at local bike shops including FYE Sports in Exeter, Sierra Cycle Works,  Visalia Cyclery, and Sole 2 Soul in Visalia. You automatically receive a $25 discount on any SSC sponsored rides (some rides may cost just $25!). 

A healthier mind and body

Cycling is well known as a healthy activity which will keep you more mentally alert as well as physically and emotionally healthy.

Receive SSC newsletters

Newsletters provide new member information, interesting information about anything cycling and club related.  Articles about the local community, a link to the club calendar and details about up-and-coming club events, among other things are published in the monthly newsletter sent only to club members. 

     SSC - PO Box 667, Exeter, Ca 93221


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