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Becoming a member of Southern Sierra Cyclists brings an identity as an avid cyclist.  Simply put it declares that you find joy in riding a bike!  For most people, the simply act of getting on the bike and rolling along under your own power is a simple joy in and of itself.  It doesn't matter how fast or what type of bike you have or style of ride... it brings joy, pleasure, fitness and self confidence.

Becoming a member of Southern Sierra Cyclists not only identifies you as a bike rider but also connects you with other like minded people.  Discovering the added joy of sharing your ride with others will open doors to all sorts of cycling fun. Everything from learning from each other about what works and how to and where to and just simple sharing the road becomes available by joining Southern Sierra Cyclists.

To get the most out of membership, reach out to other members and respond to those who reach out to you. Supporting each other is the lifeblood of our club!

Reasons to become a Southern Sierra Cyclist:

Networking opportunities

Find a ride on our event calendar that matches your expectation and level of riding. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, contact a member or a board member for help. A full program of upcoming ride opportunities and events can be found on the Events page.

Member benefits and discounts

Members of the Southern Sierra Cyclists receive discounts at local shops and receive rider insurance on qualified ride events. You can see a full list of the advantages on the Membership benefits page.

Support and advice

Thanks to the knowledge, resources, and experience of our many talented members, as well as our strong relationships with other clubs, businesses, and local government, SSC is well-placed to assist members in finding relevant cycling information, support and advice.


Seeking members’ opinions on business matters and representing those views at county, regional and national level are fundamental functions of the Southern Sierra Cyclists.  Our long history of advocating for cycling has had a positive impact on cycling in our area.  

     SSC - PO Box 667, Exeter, Ca 93221


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